Projects at Cass

So we had two main projects during our Core General Management Program - a Strategy Project and the Emerging Markets Consultancy Week (in Poland).

I just realised that I had given some feedback about these earlier and its on the Cass website here. I'm posting it on this blog for better visibility.

My team did the strategy project for Fortnum & Mason. Here are my comments on that.

“It was exciting to work for such a quintessential British brand. Besides it being an opportunity to apply our analytical and creative skills in a real business context, this project outlined some of the many challenges traditional businesses continue to face in a fast moving world. This project was also unique because relatively early on in the MBA, it offered us the opportunity to understand the application of theory, not just through a published case study, but through a journey of discovery. Finding an interesting company, identifying its challenges, getting the stakeholders' views and brainstorming, were aspects that magnified our independence as strategy consultants and made it an amazing learning experience.”

We also spent a week in Poland, consulting for an engineering design company. My comments on this project below:

“One of the more interesting aspects of globalization is the cultural understanding it’s brought into the core of managerial activity. Poland is a relatively new member of the European Union and Biproraf, the company we consulted, had recently been acquired by a large Italian company. This brought several variables into play that really enhanced our experience. We saw first hand how several trends - including the emigration of skilled labour, increased M&A activity and the intersection of European culture in a country with some of the least diverse demographics in Europe – were affecting Polish industry.”

My team's work was clearly helpful as is evident from this comment by Pawel Orlowski, Chairman of Management Board, Biproraf (Gdansk 2008)

“Although the team of consultants from Cass Business School had a very limited time, they successfully managed to provide a detailed analysis of our company as well as an overall transition strategy that integrates KTI Poland with BiproRaf, suggesting some useful steps in order to execute this aim. The students worked hard and we are highly satisfied with their project and the results of their analysis. Some of their suggestions were very interesting and we’re planning to implement them. For instance, the report highlight the views and concerns of our employees and we now understand how important effective communication among our team is, so we’ll concentrate more on this in the future. We’d like to congratulate the students on their success and look forward to hosting another group from Cass Business School in 2009.”

Any questions please post as comments. Thanks.