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A number of people have read this blog and then emailed me to ask me specific questions about the MBA. Rather than reply individually I thought it might be best to address as many of the general questions I can under this post as comments.

So if you have a question please post here and either me or my colleagues will respond to you as soon as we can.


  1. Hi Pranay,

    Thanks for this - Great Idea. To start with, how is the mix for IT industry in the CASS classroom? How many come in from the IT industry and continue in the same industry after the course (in areas like Product Management, Product Strategy, Technology Management etc)?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi,

    I am planning to apply for full time mba starting this september(2009). Is it already late? I have also sent my profile for review to the admissions counsellor mentioned on the website.


  3. Pranay, so much for putting up this special blog entry to appear helpful? It's been over 2 months since questions have been asked (never mind if they are just one or two!) and no signs of any reply from you. Doesn't reflect very well on Cass, does it??

  4. Hello Simba, Rajiv and Anonymous.

    Apologies for not keeping up with the blog and not responding to your comments earlier. I have been terribly busy - moved houses, switched countries (only for a bit!) and have been travelling a lot.

    Anyhow, I'll try to answer your questions below.

    @Simba: The mix of Information technology in the classroom can be best described as mediocre. While there is good infrastructure and some good teaching techniques that make use of technology (including a few best practices), the overall use is not exceptional and there are probably other business schools that do it better - although to my knowledge there isn't any UK school that performs spectacularly better in this area.

    On your question how many come from a tech background its easier to point you to a link:

    This has candidate lists from classes that began in 2007 and also in 2008. Ballpark figure though, probably around 15% but you probably calculate it exactly from the link above.

    How many continue in technology is a more difficult question - but I would say about two-thirds continue to stay in tech whereas the rest move on. Hard to say though as employment figures for my class have been affected because of the recession and people have accepted jobs that probably weren't their first preference, so the statistics (in my view) are skewed somewhat for the class of 2008 (my class).

    @Rajiv: I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to answer that for you - its best to contact the admissions office directly to check.

    @Anonymous: I have tried to publish as much as I could on this blog and keep it as up to date as I possibly could. My motivation in keeping this blog alive is not only to help, but also to record my own journey through the MBA and help bring it into the public domain so it can help everybody. How it reflects on Cass is not a question I dwell upon as this is an unofficial blog run in my (and my fellow bloggers') personal capacities. If you do join Cass you're welcome to start contributing on this blog and raise the bar. However, as an alumnus, there is not much more I can do than I do already.

    Thanks for your questions and comments everyone.

  5. Thanks for the honest answers. Much appreciated and apologies for getting a bit personal in my last update - I shouldn't have. Good luck & Cheers !

  6. And what about the average age of the candidates? I mean, I've been told that we may have a few years of professional experience before applying for an MBA.

  7. @Laurent: The average age is a difficult question. Let me give you the range and perhaps a median instead!

    My classmates on the full time MBA were between 24 and 40 years old. Their work experience ranged from 3 years to perhaps 15 years.

    The typical profile (median!) is someone who is 28-30 years old, has got 4-6 years of work experience and possibly some international exposure as well. And yes, a good GMAT score always makes things easier :-)

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