At the brink of whirlwind 2008-09

By this post I would like to take the pleasure of introducing the Cass business school’s 2008-09 batch. It’s not long before we all will be landing at Heathrow, some are getting the visa done, some are shopping, some studious ones are going through the induction books, and most are already discussing the schedule of parties, trips and hangouts that will happen in London.

Meanwhile Visa is not as easy as I was expecting, lotsa documents to be collected and after so many days I still find myself stuck. London is quite a famous shopping destination but as an international student I would prefer to partially shop at my place to control the budget.

As it is still a little over 1 month to go before the session starts I am impressed by the proactive actions of Cass. I have been contacted by Career service department as they have started filling our diaries with events and corporate receptions. Also the career service department is already in action, connecting MBA students with consultants to prepare an impressive CV even before starting the session. I am sure this will help students hitting the road running.

All the while students are trying to find buddies and classmates through social networking sites such as Facebook, we have groups such as Cass business School 2008-2009 and Cass Business School Investment Management 08/09 for general or specific discussions and now we also have an official fresher’s group by Cass. I must say thanks to all these groups I already know quite a few people going to Cass and it always helps to know that you are not alone.

For sure people are really excited about Cass and London in general and are expecting a great year ahead.


  1. Congratulations on your Cass degree! I wanted to let you know that there are a lot of MBA admissions resources at this site.


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