So why would Madonna live by this map?

Besides the usual MBA stuff we have an elective at Cass called Business Mystery, which is aimed at developing the creative and artistic mind of us MBAs - besides the analytical mind which focuses on finance, strategy and other such stuff.

Its quite unusual, we've been told, for an MBA program to have an elective where the lecture notes are not ditributed in advance and where even the venue where the lecture will take place is kept secret until about a week in advance. Of course, I'm referring to our classes on this elective as 'lectures' but that is not really an appropriate term, as in this class, our professors (and there's three of them leading this one) particpate with us in teams as well.

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago, we had a class on the theme of 'maps as part of journeys' and I was given this 'assignment' - to figure out why Madonna would live by this map. Its quite interesting and I was quick to spot the analytical part of it, as there is a word on the bottom left part of this map that says 'Kabbalah', but it took me more time to figure out that this is themed on the London Tube map - of course I spotted that but could not immediately link it up to Kaballah and the fact that she lives in London.

Actually, this elective has been so good it has almost independently reinforced my belief that I made the right decision in coming to Cass and not going to Leeds or Cranfield (which were the other two options for me).

In other classes, we've had experiences including walking through a 'catacomb', visiting a museum and a theatre. In about 10 days we have to submit an exhibit on which we will be marked for the 5 credits for this course. Hopefully I will come up with an idea soon but do not want to be limited to drawings, artefacts or videos as the case has been in previous years of this course.

Meanwhile, for a full lowdown on this and other such maps, visit Strange Maps, a wonderful and totally interesting website with a lot of strange maps from all over the world. The last time I visited I was so glued to it I spent 4 hours just looking at all the stuff there!


  1. Yeap, these electives sound like lots of fun!! Meaningless, and intellectually shallow, a bit like wanking really, but let's be honest: everybody loves a good wank! (Especially an intellectual wank!?) Unfortunately, nobody likes the wanker...
    Money well-spent lads!

  2. It was money well spent indeed. This day was one of the best of my MBA year. You must be one of the losers who think that wearing a suit is all there is to an MBA.


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