Project time

So for a lot of MBAs this is what the course is all about. Putting what we've learnt over the last year into practice (well we've kind of done that already but everyone would agree this time it's more serious).

We've finished our final electives and with any luck have secured placements with companies or finalised a research topic for our projects. To a lot of employers (or at least those who have done an MBA or know of it) know that the individual project really tells them a lot about the candidate. After all, it's the successful application of knowledge gained throughout the course that will prove if we are true MBAs or academics in the making (cheap shot!).

Of course I'm not saying that all academics are failed business folk but there is a very different mindset between an academic who is working on his latest piece of research and the entrepreneur, for example, working on his latest venture.

To be fair Cass Business School has always made an effort not only to employ purely academics but also successful business men and women as well as invite them to give talks and share their experiences. This to me is something unique to a good MBA qualification, not always found in online MBA programs, it really does do its best to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

You won't see many other lecturers in other qualifications with no doctorate but that you do see it on MBAs. I think that acknowledging the inherent business skills and knowledge of an individual without first looking at a checklist of qualifications is a stellar move because business is as much about understanding how success is achieved as it is about achieving that success.


  1. I have always been suspicious of the "intellectual" (in)ability of most MBAs-to-be I have come across, and this deeply thoughtful piece of junk verifies my thinking. Yes, achieving intellectual expertise and learning how to search for facts, and not believing whatever comes across your way, is - and has always been a very dangerous and un-popular endeavour!
    Thankfully, we have the MBA "businessman" (usually a man at Cass) - never interested in anything other than how to make (more) money - aka "success" (!?) - to show us the way ahead!
    I wonder if imbeciles like him drove us into the current crisis - making money (sorry, being "successful") at any costs.
    You know the answer...:-(


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