The Entrepreneurship elective

We're getting a lot of press after the £10 million we got for the new entrepreneurship center at Cass. This one is related to an elective I took in May - Innovation Business Project - where we worked for ChangeBase and came up with strategy we thought they should follow.

I'm probably doing an entrepreneurship project this summer and trying to come up with a business proposal - will post some more info when that has progressed a bit.

I must say though, I do not agree with John's comment in this article that entrepreneurs are born. Sure some of us may be born with genes that make us less risk averse, but the zeal, the ambition and the business aptitude, I think that's bred into us - now whether that can happen at a business school is open to debate, but I can certainly see how events that happened when I was a kid, have affected my entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurs: born or made and if so, how? by -- ARE people born to be entrepreneurs, or can anyone learn how to set up and run a business?

The best-known entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson really stand out from the crowd - often outspoken and flamboyant,...