China - Reasons for fear?

A few of my classmates (including F) have just started a Thought Leadership Club that aims to discuss leadership challenges facing the world today. So today, we had the first session and the topic was - "China represents a rapidly increasing economic, political and military power in the world but does China give the rest of the world reasons for fear, in political, economic or social terms?"

The discussion went very well. We had a variety of topics that were discussed but the overall theme seemed to be that very few (if any) of us really understand China. We know the economics and the politics of it, but perhaps China is so difficult to understand because we don't know how to look at it.

Hopefully the China symposium coming up in June, when we all visit Shanghai for a week to meet with business leaders there, will solve some of that mystery, or as is the case with most 'knowledge', perhaps even deepen our belief that we know very little!

A good start!