A WhatQuake?

Bah!!! 5.4? In Lincolnshire of all places, a well timed act of God perhaps? God dislikes northerners also it seems.

But seriously, 5.4 is pretty damn weak, I have experienced a 6.7 and that was pretty insane, I was in a shop at the time when it happened and at first it felt like a big truck going past outside but the rumble grew exponentially and then the ground began to shake, the shop windows moving like Rolf Harris on his wobble board (oh yes, I went there). I remember runnng outside into the middle of the street and seeing pandemonion, traffic stopped, cars perpendicular to the flow of traffic, people getting out of their cars shouting and hey, why not, there were children weeping too... it lasted for about 20 seconds in total.

Now THAT was an earthquake so step up your game Big Man.

Tonight, when this so called earthquake occured I was deep, deep underground in a club so it could have been, that I assumed the Timbaland tune I was listening to had a rather impressive, rumbling, mother of all basslines!!! Whoop whoop!!!