This blog was started by me in late 2007 and is now run by a small group of Full Time and Executive MBA students & alumni. This blog is a platform where we talk about random stuff from all over and hopefully give some of you an introduction to life at Cass Business School as well.

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Cass Business School is one of Europe's leading providers of business and management education, consultancy and research. The Cass Full Time MBA program is ranked #41 in the world by the Financial Times (UK) and #38 by the Economist Intelligence Unit (USA).

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  1. It's the MBA tournament again. Guys this year let's kick some butt and quadruple whatever medals we got last year.

  2. Hi - I'm running a seminar at Cass on Monday evening (it's an Insead alumni/ cass cohosted event) on how marketing is changing ( & becoming social ;-)

    Would blog readers like a heads up?

    Will Rowan

  3. Hello Will - sure, just email me at
    pranman@gmail.com and I'll post it here for you.

    Alternatively, if you post it on your blog let me know and I'll cross post it here :-)


  4. I am considering doing an MSc with Cass and I was wondering if you could give me an insight into the reputation of Cass and of your own experience within the college.

  5. @Anonymous: My knowledge of the MSc programmes at Cass is not based on personal experience and even then, is sketchy at best.

    I think you could email the admissions office and ask them for contacts of previous (or current) MSc students and ask them for feedback instead.



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