Its official. We hate powerpoint.

Its common perception that MBA programs train you to make better and snazzier presentations so you can talk smooth and use business jargon that impresses your average corporate.

However, most of us know that this kind of presentation just serves to confuse the average listener.

So I was quite happy when in Block 1, back in September, just after we did our first group presentations, the feedback we got was, 'please try and not use powerpoint, quantitative methods is more interesting than that. Use your creativity'.

Since then, we haven't stopped rolling. Sure, we do do the occasional powerpoint, but its always interspersed with roleplay, some videos, or even live singing. For presentations, we've had roleplay themes of time travel, business travel, news programs and live debates.

This of course, is quite unlike most business schools and this is one of the things that makes Cass special. It are things like this, that will go a long way in de-commoditizing the MBA graduate. Rather than being developed into a black suited focused product that other business schools produce to a highly adaptible individual that I hope we are evolving into.