So I volunteered...

So when Pranay approached me to contribute to this blog I was somewhat hesitant, I had blogged before and usually I ended up stopping as things around me got too hectic. And hectic is most certainly one way to describe the Cass MBA. It's a one year course and it is very intense and understandably some things get left by the wayside when the work and the day to day crap piles up. Saying that, I will make a concerted effort- this time.

The title says this blog is about what makes us special but to be honest I think the last person to call me special was either my mother (cut to: heart-warming mother to son landmark childhood talk) or one of my friends. In one or both cases sarcasm was involved.

This blog won't be about what makes me special, in fact it is more likely to cement the idea that I am in fact, ordinary.

The first thing I said to Pranay when I agreed to do this is that it wouldn't be about the MBA or business in general unless I find it particularly noteworthy. What you will get here is my opinion on a plethora of subjects, you may agree with some or all of them or you may vehemently disagree. Argument and debate are cool. Full stop (or "period" for you Americans, unfortunately I am reminded of menstruation when that term is used so it won't be used here).

It's now officially 2008, the year of the rat according to the Chinese, a year of hard work, activity and renewal. I think this bodes well for the MBA graduating class of 2008, a lot of us are here to start a new career and 'renewal' is what this course is all about for us (and I’m still not talking about menstruation- let’s hope this doesn't become a running theme!)

That's all from me for now, tune in next time boys and girls (there will be one I promise).